Media service and media enquiries

Our public relations work covers a wide range of areas. We actively communicate with the media and are available as contact persons for media enquiries in order to report on current research projects, successes of our students and departments as well as important events and cooperations. We attach great importance to transparent and appealing reporting in order to highlight the relevance and significance of our university in society, our so-called "third mission".


Press enquiries, editorial office Triple M, comMULity
Mag. Christine Adacker

Photo download

The use of the photos is only permitted with full acknowledgement of the source and in connection with the Montanuniversität Leoben. The photos published on the Montanuniversität website are protected by copyright law. By downloading the photos, users accept the terms of use in the data protection policy.


Graphic Design, Corporate Design
Dagmar Kriebernik AR

Publications, press releases and editing

With our news, publications, MUL@Press press releases and careful editorial work, we aim to ensure transparent and timely communication. Our aim is to give our diverse target groups, including students, alumni, staff* and the general public, access to up-to-date and relevant information about our university. Through our modern and engaging communication, we aim to spark interest, inspire and leave a lasting impression.


Magazines and brochures

Triple M
University newspaper that appears four times a year and reports on research results, events, university activities and personnel. It has a circulation of around 7,500 and is sent to employees of the University of Leoben, graduates, students from the 8th semester onwards and our partners in industry.

The annual report (Jahresbericht)
The annual report is published once a year, usually in July, with a print run of 9,000 copies. The annual report publishes facts and figures, events and university activities of a calendar year. It serves primarily as a performance overview.

Facts & Figures
The "Facts & Figures" folder is published once a year in summer. It offers a compact presentation of all relevant facts and figures about the Montanuniversität.

The study brochure
The study brochure "Studies for Winners" is produced as required. It contains all the fields of study offered at the University of Leoben. The brochure is mainly used as information material at study information fairs and for prospective students. It is available in German and English.

All publications are collected in the download area.


Press enquiries, editorial office Triple M, comMULity
Mag. Christine Adacker, Sabrina Baumgartner, BA

Study marketing, school advertising concept and marketing

Our main goal is to promote our university and its diverse study programmes in an innovative way and to arouse the interest of potential students. In school advertising, we use creative marketing campaigns to inform students about our university and an academic education. Through close cooperation with a wide range of educational institutions, we ensure that students can discover the diverse opportunities and perspectives of studying at our University of Leoben.


School advertising concept and marketing, Student Recruitment
Mag. Astrid Krenn, Stefanie Luschin, Sarah Haindler


STEM (MINT) Coordination, Teaching-Learning-Lab (Lehr-Lern-Labor)

We take a central role in promoting the fields of mathematics, information technology, natural sciences and technology (STEM or in German MINT) and strengthen cooperation between educational and research institutions and companies. Through our efforts, we want to ensure that young people discover their enthusiasm for STEM subjects at an early age and can develop their potential in these fields.

Our teaching-learning laboratory (Lehr-Lern-Labor) makes a significant contribution to holistic support in the STEM field. This takes place on different levels and offers students valuable learning and development opportunities.


Project Management Teaching-Learning-Lab (Lehr-Lern-Labor), STEM (MINT) Coordination
Mag. Julia Mayerhofer-Lillie, Stefanie Luschin
lehrlernlabor(at) and julia.mayerhofer-lillie(at)


Our merchandising offer includes a wide range of high-quality products featuring our university design. It creates a shared identity and a sense of belonging, whether you are still a student, an alumni or simply want to support the university.


Clemens Weihs

Event cooperation

In close cooperation with various partners, we organise inspiring events that reflect the broad spectrum of our activities. These events offer the opportunity to present the latest research results, expand networks and promote dialogue between science, business and society.

They serve as a showcase for our outstanding students, teachers and researchers and allow them to present their expertise and passion to a wide audience.


Event cooperation, MUL BUZZ concept
Clemens Weihs

Online Marketing, Social Media, Website Content Management

We are constantly working to provide an impressive and easily accessible platform for all relevant information and to further develop our digital presence.

Our website is the central point of access to details about our university, the degree programmes we offer, our collaborations, upcoming events and the latest news. We are also active on social media (Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Linkedin, Twitter) as well as on the ComMULity Blog (vlog, podcast).

From exciting reports, to research projects, to personal experiences of students – we offer a wealth of web channels where the diversity and spirit of our Montanuniversität can be experienced first-hand.


Online Marketing Management
Elisabeth Winhofer, MA


Website Team
Martina Stöbbauer, Mag. Marie-Katrin Baumgartner


Social Media Team
Mag. Xenia Schnehen, Désirée Steigerwald, BA
xenia.schnehen(at) und desiree.steigerwald(at)

Graphic Design, Corporate Design, Info Screens

In graphic design and corporate design, we are dedicated to creating a consistent and visual presence across all of our university's communication channels. With a strong focus on creativity, innovation and aesthetics, we create memorable designs that both appeal to the eye and communicate our message effectively.


Graphic Design, Corporate Design, Info Screens
Dagmar Kriebernik AR


Graphic Design
Désirée Steigerwald, BA

Photography, Video

With professional photography, we provide insights into the lively and inspiring environment of our university. We capture the energy and enthusiasm of our students, the expertise of our teaching staff and the diversity of our activities in impressive images.


Martina Stöbbauer
E-Mail: martina.stoebbauer(at)

Photography, Video
Harald Tauderer
E-Mail: harald.tauderer(at)

Alumni Management

In Alumni Management, we are dedicated to looking after and supporting our graduates and maintaining the Alumni Club. Our work covers a wide range of tasks, including the regular production of an informative newsletter exclusively for members of the Alumni Club. We also run a customised job portal that is specifically tailored to the needs of our alumni and offers relevant career opportunities.

To promote exchange and networking, we organise a number of events, which include our ALUMNIghts. These events take place several times a year and cover a wide range of topics of interest to both students and alumni. We also cooperate with renowned companies at these events, which can present themselves and introduce career opportunities.

A highlight is our annual graduate reunion, where our alumni of the University of Leoben meet again and celebrate together. At this gathering, we also award the Silver and Gold Diplomas to recognise the success and longstanding commitment of our graduates.

Our alumni management is committed to fostering a strong community and supporting our graduates throughout their professional lives. We create networking opportunities, provide career development support and recognise the achievements of our alumni through meaningful events and awards.


Alumni Management, Services for Graduates
Sophie Zeiler-Mahrous, MSc, Dafina Thaqi-Shehu, BA MA, Corina Jasek, Felix Heißl